We come in with Sendler&Company, in particular, to the prevailing decision to place the core needs of our Clients and Partners, as well as their business processes, life and work realities to the center of our projects.

We raise the question “for what” at the beginning of our work besides the industrial sectors knowledge and the ongoing analyzes in industrial and economic sectors! Thanks to the comprehensive experience and knowledge in key industrial  sectors such as  production, office environment, retail, health care and nursing, hotels and tourism we succeed to define the exact requirements and to follow them through designig, tendering and construction to the peration.

Our services portfolio is the toolbox for the collaboration with our Clients and Partners – either these are the complete services or the cooperation with other specialists. We individually coordinate our service areas in project preparation, designing, construction and operation. But what stays stable are the aligned methods and instruments.

Our aim is to reach the added value with the innovations and the management responsibility in the key areas such as the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in designing and management, the lean methods for the industrial efficiency, the modular building parts and systems or ESG strategies.

With our main location in Berlin, we are committed to innovation and the quality mark “made in Germany”. We combine this with the comprehensive international knowledge and experience. The best conditions for the contemporary and attractive solutions – with a user experience that inspires.


To design, to build and to operate with Sendler&Company Planen, Bauen und Betreiben. Whether the overall solutions or the expert services with the leading specialists in an orchestra – we eager to bring the best individual solution to each project!

  • Consulting

    As the Consultant we support you and your project team. Starting with the project structuring over the roll-out till the successful operation. We think and act life circle oriented!

    – Strategy consultancy
    – Market research and business plan
    – Organizational consulting
    – Development consultancy
    – Due-Diligence
    – Valuations and surveys
    – Consulting on sustainability, sustainable strategies and certification

  • Management

    Depending on the organization and set up of our Clients and Partners, we offer the tailor-made guiding or support in your project management teams.

    – Project control
    – Project management
    – Construction Management (EPCM)
    – Procurement and sales management
    – Change Management
    – Interims Management

  • Design

    In der Planung sichern wir mit Building Information Modelling (BIM) basierten Leistungen nicht nur hochwertige städtebauliche, architektonische und technische Lösungen, sondern planen viel mehr mehrdimensional 3D plus Kosten, Fristen, Qualitäten, Mengen, Garantien, Wartung und Ersatz.

    We do not only ensure the high-qualified urban planning, the architectural and technical solutions based on and with Building Information Modeling (BIM) in design, but also to design much more multidimensional 3D added with the costs, the deadlines,the qualities and the quantities, the guarantees, the maintenance and replacement.

    -Master planning
    -Concept design
    -Schematic design
    -Design coordination


    The best solution for your project? We put them together – tailor-made and convincing!


The management responsibility and the the will to shape in the current topics, these are to promote the value-adds, to create synergies and to add so far the technical solutions.

This is our answer to the social and environmental responsibility.


– ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Strategies
– Green Building  (DGNB, BREEAM, LEED etc) justification and certification of the projects and properties
– Corporate Green Building Strategies  – especially for the portfolio holders with the higher own standard
– Energy consulting
– Life Cycle balances


– Regional planning
– Environmental concepts
– Energy and resources optimization


– Building Information Modelling
– Building Twins
– Smart Solutions (Operation, Usage)

Selected References

– 4 years

– 60 projects

– 7 countries

– More than 1.000.000 qm BGF

– More than 7.500 ha area

Germany Residential

Historic group of the buildings

Im Herzen des Bezirks Kreuzberg liegt das historische, unter Denkmal- und Milieuschutz stehende Gebäudeensemble, bestehend aus 5 Gebäuden unterschiedlicher Bauphasen.

Ein überwiegender Teil der Gebäude bedarf der Restaurierung und Modernisierung.

Sendler&Company berät den Eigentümer bei der Entwicklung einer Abwicklungsstrategie für die Umsetzung der Arbeiten und Neunutzung.

The historic group of the buildings is located in the heart of the district of Kreuzberg lies the historic building ensemble, which is under the monument protection, consisting of 5 buildings of the different construction phases. Most of the buildings require restoration and modernization measures. Sendler&Company consults the owner on the development strategy for the implementation of the work and new use.

Berlin / Germany


Germany Retail

Re-position und rebranding

The areas of the North and Baltic Sea coasts of Germany are among the growing regions that have seen constantly an increasing number of the tourists in the last years. With a 30-year presence on the coasts and owning around 40 stores on the islands of the North and Baltic Seas, the textile brand WIND SPORTSWEAR began its repositioning as a fashion lifestyle brand in 2018. Sendler&Company was responsible for a new shop concept and accompanying in parallel  of the marketing measures.


Hamburg / Germany


St. Petersburg / Russia Logistic / Production

Knorr-Bremse industrial and warehouse building

It is about the construction of a build-to-suit logistic center with the aftersales service functions. The location search, design and construction took place in the close coordination with the international standards of the group of companies. Sendler&Company was responsible for consulting the client and project controlling as well as supporting the handover by the lessor and commissioning.


Knorr – Bremse

St. Petersburg/ Russia


Russia Education

German school in Moscow

The German School in Moscow is one of the largest schools abroad of Federal Republic of Germany. The extensive modernization and expansion measures of the outside facilities, the premises of the kindergarten,  of the elementary school and upper school classes are being taken  as a part of the ongoing development of the internationally renowned educational institution. Sendler&Company supported the operator of the school, the association and the German Embassy in Moscow with design and construction management services.
Deutsche Schule Moskau

Moscow / Russia


Germany Residential

Living in the center of Leipzig

There is an attractive residential building which is located in the center of Leipzig, which comprises around 40 residential units on the 6 floors with the penthouse. The object is in the construction phase. Sendler&Company supports the investor, whose involvement in Leipzig takes place within the framework of a Germany-wide overall portfolio, in adhering to the costs, the deadlines and agreed qualities through controlling and consulting measures on the investor-side.


Leipzig / Germany


Mongolia Urban Development

Maidar City

It is about Maidar City, where a team of Mongolian, German and international investors, architects, engineers and consultants is planning the modern counterpart and the expansion of the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar. The area is located in hilly terrain southly to today’s capital region. The development covers an area of ​​around 5,600 ha. The religious part lies in the center, which is already under the construction. Sendler&Company supports the initiator with development consultancy. These include the planning of the sub-measures, applying for funding, the investment talks and developing a CI for the mega-project.
Maidar City

Ulaanbaatar / Mongolia


Moscow/ Russia Healthcare

Oncology Clinic

It is about the design of the oncology clinic. The clinic is being realized on thearea of the existing hospital. The building includes the extensive medical areas for the oncology. It is the most modern and technically equiped oncology clinic in the country for the cancer deases with ist 9 levels and around 75,000 sqm GFA. Together with Nickl & Partner, Sendler&Company is responsible for the concept design and for the monitoring the further designing and construction process.

Moscow Clinical Scientific Center (MKSC)

Moscow/ Russia


Moscow/ Russia Office

Office and Conference area

Planung und bauliche Umsetzung einer Bürofläche sowie multifunktionaler Veranstaltungsflächen für die Association of European Businesses (AEB) als Interessenvertretung in Moskau/ Russland. Die Herausforderung bestand im Umbau und der Erweiterung im genutzten Bestand, hohen Anforderungen an Komfort sowie der Anforderung budgetbewussten Bauens und Ausstattens.

Sendler&Company zeichnet für das Konzept, die Gesamtplanung sowie das Baumanagement verantwortlich.

It is about the design and construction implementation of an office space and multifunctional event areas for Association of European Businesses (AEB) as a representation of the interests in Moscow/ Russia. The challenge was in the rennovation and expansion in the existing area, the high demands on comfort and the requirement of the budget of the construction and equipment costs. Sendler&Company is responsible for the concept design and construction management.
Association of European Businesses (AEB)

Moscow/ Russia


Finland Industrial / Production

Production facilities

It is about the pumping and production systems for the industrial operation in one of Finland‘s rising ports. Sendler&Company supported the Client with the sourcing, the tender and the procurement of the systems from Germany and the roof region.
Port of Kokkola

Kokkola/ Finland


Russia Residential

Residential area of Federal Republic of Germany

The residential area of ​​the Federal Republic of Germany, which is located on Wernadskogo Prospekt, in Moscow, is a central place of the  residence for the diplomats, the members of the German economy and other international residents in Moscow and Russia thanks to its origin in the middle of the last century. The prefab buildings with the hundred of the apartments were completely renovated for the first time in the 1990s. The extensive modernization measures, including energy upgrading, fire protection measures and the renovation of apartments in accordance with modern standards, are currently taking place,. Sendler&Company supports the client with design work and supervision in the HOAI l defined line phases 1-8.


Moscow / Russia


Turkey Residential

Residential quarter

It is the completion of the construction and commissioning of a residential quarter in Istanbul/ Turkey. The property was with around 60 percent of the completion. The object includes around 530 apartments and flats, the underground parking and the common outdoor areas with the pools and green areas. Sendler&Company supports the general contractor with the development management, design and project management services.


Istanbul / Turkey


Kaliningrad / Russia Industrial / Production

Pharmaceutical industrial park

It is about the second phase and the overall master plan of the industrial park and pharmacluster. The development includes the own production  and the areas for the new residents, GMP confirmed logistics areas including the highly efficient sterilization, supplier unit, the technical and social infrastructure such as a central office and service building. Sendler&Company is responsible for the master planning and concept design.

Kaliningrad/ Russia


Hungary Hospitality

Hotel und Service Apartments

Debrecen is the second largest and university city in Hungary and due to its special location it is one of the most vigorously developing industrial and business locations in Hungary. The numerous companies have already settled here – Debrecen is also on the way to become the leading location for the battery and electric vehicle production. The construction of a 3-4* hotel and service apartment complex is planned in a historical surounding area of the city center on Miclo street. Together with its Hungarian partners, Sendler&Company was responsible for the market research,including the financial model and pre-conceptual design in the close coordination with the city of Debrecen.


Debrecen / Hungary


Poland Hospitality

City hotel

Breslau (pol. Wrozlaw) is one of the rapidly developing centers in Poland.  The high touristic attractiveness meets a growing economy here. The construction of a 3* business and tourism hotel is planned in the city center, right in the heart of the historic old town. On behalf of the potential purchaser of the development project, Sendler&Company checked the location, the approval status and the technical and economic feasibility  of the building as part of a due diligence.

LSR Gruppe

Breslau / Poland


Germany Resorts

Gut Gentzrode

The historic Gut Gentzrode with a total area of ​​around 520 hectares is located near Neuruppin around 80 km north-west from Berlin. The estate includes important protected memorial buildings., Sendler&Company is committed to the protection and development of the property with the owner, the city, the district, Department for the Conservation of Historic Buildings and Sites and other partners after the turbulent history and more than 25 years of the vacancy. After the extensive protective measures from 2020 to 2022, Sendler&Company is currently in charge of the development management and master planning.

Gentzrode GmbH

Neuruppin / Germany


Our management

Michael Schulze
Michael Schulze

Michael Schulze

Member of Management board

Michael Schulze is certified construction engineer and has more then 15 years experience in the realization of the construction projects..

Thanks to the variety of the projects in an international environment, he has an extensive expertise in the organization and control of the projects of all sizes.

Michael gained the experience in the implementation of the complex projects in USA, India, Afghanistan, Russia and CIS and Turkey.

In addition, he has the comprehensive experience in the industrial and large-scale project construction in Germany and Central Europe.

Michael Schulze is responsible for supervising of the construction projects. His core competences are controlling, the object monitoring and construction management.

Person 02 / Eng
Steffen Sendler
Steffen Sendler

Steffen Sendler

Executive Partner

Steffen Sendler  has more than 20 years of the extensive experience in management of the international and local projects in Germany, Russia and CIS and in other European, Asian and African countries.

After 15 years of being a managing director and partner of  Drees & Sommer Group, he founded Sendler&Company in 2018,  consistently took the further step focusing on the projects in a sophisticated environment, with international participation and the special requirements of the conformity with ESG sustainability standards.

Steffen Sendler’s key competencies include the international implementation models, the strategic management, change management, interim management, organizational consulting, sustainability and the integral implementation of the complex projects.

His sector industry expertise is in the areas of healthcare and nursing, retail, production, residential,  hotels and tourism.

Steffen Sendler is a registered Architect (Architektenkammer Berlin) and Fellow RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors).

Person 05 / Eng
Person 04 / Eng
Tatjana Kovalenko
Tatjana Kovalenko

Tatjana Kovalenko

Member of Management board

Tatjana Kovalenko has more than 10 years of extensive experience in consulting and managing international and local projects ion the international level in Germany and Central Europe.

From 2009 to 2018 she took over the tasks in  Drees & Sommer Group in Russia and  CIS  in the areas of location organization and management, business development and project initiation. Since 2018 Tatjana has been a member of the management team at Sendler&Company and supports besides the projects, the location organization and management.

Tatjana’s key competences include the setup and the development of the project structures. These cover the requirements analysis, feasibility studies, project organization and the establishment of the optimized communication structures.

Tatjana Kovalenko is Chairman of the Real Estate Committee of the Association of European Business (AEB) in Moscow/Russia and Chairman of the Industrial Construction Committee of the Association of Industrial Parks in Russia.

She is particularly committed to innovations, technological solutions and sustainable approaches.

Tatjana Sendler
Person 07 / Eng
Person 08 / Eng
Person 06 / Eng
Emma Prochaska
Vladimir Danilov

Individual Solutions– based on the wide-area experience

Whether special knowledge or holistic solutions.  A personal contact, taking a responsibility, our aspiration and to stand on our Clients‘ and Partners‘sides, make us up. At the beginning there is the core of the task, the business requirements and the operating processes. And the last but not least, there are the people for whom we plan, build and operate.

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